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ASAIP Editors' Blog

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ASAIP Editor's Blog, March 2018
ASAIP Editor's Blog: August, 2017
ASAIP Editors' Blog: February 2017
ASAIP Editors' Blog: October 2016
ASAIP Editors' Blog: May 2016 addendum
ASAIP Editors' Blog May 2016
This blogs outlines four international meetings, 5 Summer Schools, and 3 Hack Day events scheduled for summer 2016, and describes organizational developments at the International Astrostatistics Association.
ASAIP Editors' Blog: November 2015
This blog highlights job listings, IAU reorganization, developments with ASAIP-related organizations, astrostatistics on Facebook, astrostatistics/informatics at large meetings and forthcoming meetings.
ASAIP Editors' Blog: April 2015
This month's blog features statements from several leaders of organizations involved in astrostatistics and astroinformatics.
ASAIP editors' blog: October 2014
This blog covers the Cosmostatistics Inititive (COIN), the new Astrostatistics Interest Group in the American Statistical Association, job listings, meeting listings, and advice on finding research topics on ASAIP.
ASAIP Editors' Blog, June 2014
This month's blog covers the blogosphere in statistics, informatics and their astronomical applications.
ASAIP Editors' Blog: March 2014
The wider astronomical research community has difficulty in assimilating progress in astrostatistics and astroinformatics because information relevant to a particular problem is often difficult to identify. This problem is pervasive in all fields at the frontiers of methodological research. In this blog, we highlight a few of many potential `gems' buried in the astronomical literature that may have broad applications in different fields. All of these are papers that have appeared in ASAIP Recent Papers listing in January and February 2014.
ASAIP Editors' blog, October 2013
Greetings!  This month's blog looks at meetings in astrostatistics & astroinformatics, both recently past and future meetings.  We have reports by Eric Ford on the SAMSI workshop on the Kepler studies of exoplanets, and by Joe Hilbe on the astrostatistics sessions at the recent World Statistics Congress.  And we have a followup to the last blog's discussion of image deconvolution.
ASAIP Editors' Blog, August 2013
Greetings! We share here some papers recently added to the Astrostatistics and Astroinformatics Portal, as well as some words about meetings and online resources. This overview covers only a small fraction of recent addition to the site, but may be useful in communicating some of the rapid progress in our field.