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ASAIP Editors' Blog: October 2016

Dear ASAIP members,

The Astrostatistics & Astroinformatics Portal has updated its annual listing of job opportunities in these new fields.  It currently has about 20 faculty positions, 25 postdoctoral positions, and 5 technology positions, and more will arrive in November.  Most are drawn from the comprehensive American Astronomical Society Job Register, but some arise from elsewhere.  Please let us know of other relevant openings.  About a third of the positions are titled with phrases like ‘computational astrophysics’ or ‘data science’ while the others list statistics or computation as desired topics for their applicants.  We have provided job listings since 2012 and found rapid increase in employment opportunities.  We are pleased to note a growth in faculty positions this year.  

The flood of nearly 50 summer and fall meetings, summer schools and training workshops is slowing as winter approaches.  We personally attended the IAU Symposium #325 Astroinformatics (first such meeting by an international society), the 6th cross-disciplinary Statistical Challenges in Modern Astronomyconference, and hosted the 12th Summer School in Statistics for Astronomers.  We also participated in the 3rd COsmostatistics INitiative program involving advanced tool development and applications, the Sagan Exoplanet Summer Workshop that emphasized data analysis methodology, and the still-ongoing cross-disciplinary SAMSI program on statistical and computational methods for astronomy

Finally, there is informal discussion of the possibility of society-sponsored online tutorials on statistical and computational topics for astronomy using the Jupyter notebook format.  An individual interested in organizing such a project should contact Eric.


Your ASAIP editors, 

Eric Feigelson (

Joe Hilbe (