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R Training

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R Training

Posted by Belanger, Guillaume at January 15. 2014

Good morning,

I want to learn to use R, and I want to do it in a short amount of time. I've been programming in Java for many years, and I know statistics quite well, so I don't need a course in programming nor in statistics. I want something that will make me proficient in using R for all the various things it can do and those that I would like to do with it. And I want a good kick start by taking an intensive R training course. I don't have the time to spend hours working through tutorials on my own. What do you recommend?

Re: R Training

Posted by Cameron, Ewan at January 15. 2014

Hi Guillaume,

Perhaps you should try posting this question in the Facebook group, "Astrostatistics with R".

But if you're already familiar with the statistical methodology you want to use then I would suggest simply working through some of the examples for that method given in the R documentation.  E.g. for generalised linear regression:




## Dobson (1990) Page 93: Randomized Controlled Trial :
counts <- c(18,17,15,20,10,20,25,13,12)
outcome <- gl(3,1,9)
treatment <- gl(3,3)
print(d.AD <- data.frame(treatment, outcome, counts))
glm.D93 <- glm(counts ~ outcome + treatment, family = poisson())

Re: R Training

Posted by Belanger, Guillaume at January 16. 2014

Thanks a lot Ewan. I joined the FB group and posted the question.

Re: R Training

Posted by Feigelson, Eric at February 08. 2014


Our text Modern Statistical Methods for Astronomy with R Applications is precisely designed to bootstrap astronomers into R and CRAN usage.  There are >100 other books with R in the title, a few in French.  The R Core Team has an excellent on-line tutorial book at  ~10% of the world's graduate students learn R at week-long Summer Schools at Penn StateBangalore and other institutions  (e.g. I am giving tutorials at iAP/Paris in April, to be announced shortly).   There are no lack of resources for learning R!  

Eric Feigelson

Previously Belanger, Guillaume wrote:  "I want to learn to use R, and I want to do it in a short amount of time. ... What do you recommend?"

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