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15th Annual Conference of the International Association for Mathematical Geosciences

The IAMG is the principal international organization to promote the advancement of mathematics, statistics and informatics in the geosciences. They publish the journal Mathematical Geosciences and conduct large annual meetings. There is a need for increasing the understanding of how the natural world works and only the synergy between classical geosciences and mathematics can provide the methodological tools to tackle the complex problems in modern geosciences. Qualitative interpretations (conceptual models) are complemented with quantification (numerical models, both, deterministic and stochastic). This has been the main task of mathematical geoscientists during the last forty years: to establish new frontiers and new challenges in the study and understanding of the natural world.
When 02 September 2013 11:55 AM to
06 September 2013 11:55 AM
Where Madrid ES
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Session 1: Advanced in classical statistics relevant to the Geosciences

Session 2: Frontier Geostatistics

Session 3: Compositional Data Analysis Applied to Geochemistry

Session 4: Data assimilation in Geosciences

Session 5: Machine learning in Geoscience applications

Session 6: Spatiotemporal analysis: structural complexity and extreme behaviour

Session 7: Parameterization of soil systems at different scales

Session 8: Fractals, Chaos and Complexity in the Earth System

Session 9: Remote Sensing a Changing World

Session 10: Modern sensor data (and their processing) in Engineering Geology

Session 11: Geographic Information Systems/Geoinformatics

Session 12: Quantitative methods in Geomorphology and Land Surface Processes

Session 13: Deformation modeling, Geodynamics and natural hazards

Session 14: Hydrogeology: From process understanding to improved predictions

Session 15: Quantitative hydrology: working across scientific disciplines and time-space scales

Session 16: Quantitative Environmental Geology

Session 17: Modeling of energy resources

Session 18: New Developments in Oil and Gas Discovery Modeling

Session 19: Open Session on Mathematics of Oil Recovery (OSMOR)

Session 20: Geostatistical priors in inversion of geophysical and engineering data

Session 21: Mineral and energy resources for planet Earth: evaluation, extraction and optimal management

Session 22: Mathematical Petrophysics: Theory and Applications

Session 23: Recent advances in Quantitative Methods applied to Stratigraphy and Paleontology

Session 24: Geo-mathematical models of folds and folding

Session 25: Mathematical Geosciences and Planetary Geology

Session 26: Mathematics of Planet Earth

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