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2nd Information University conference

The key topic of the IU conference series is: “What is the role of information in the Universe and its description?”. In an epoch where scientists need to handle Big Data and simulations, find highly organized systems in nature and grapple with the role of information in physics and other sciences, this appears to be one of the more fundamental questions that needs to be answered in order to understand the world around us. The Information Universe conference intends to approach the key role of information from the point of view of several disciplines: e.g. cosmology, physics, mathematics, life sciences, computer science (including quantum computing) and neuroscience.
When 03 July 2018 10:10 AM to
06 July 2018 10:10 AM
Where Groningen NL
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To address these questions, the conference will host sessions on:

  • ●  Emergent space-time and gravity Keynote speaker: Erik Verlinde

  • ●  Euclid, cosmology and large-scale structure
    Keynote speaker: Alan Heavens, Invited speaker: Alessandra Silvestri

  • ●  Quantum information & quantum computation Keynote speaker: Lieven Vandersypen

  • ●  Machine learning (including industrial applications) Keynote speaker: Larry Wasserman

  • ●  Information, complexity & handling big data (including applications) Keynote speaker: Peter Sloot, Invited speaker: Giuseppe Longo

  • ●  Life science and biology Keynote speaker: Karlheinz Meier

  • ●  Information and the Theory of Everything Keynote speaker: Thanu Padmanabhan 

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