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Isotropic Random Fields in Astrophysics

The purpose of the workshop is to bring to Cardiff world-leading scientists working particularly in the spectral theory of isotropic random fields, astrophysics and data analysis of Planck and Euclid missions. The invited talks will cover spectral theory of isotropic random fields, big data analysis of real cosmological data and related topics. The key general question to be addressed at the workshop are: statistical techniques for a big data analysis of spherical isotropic random fields (including tensor-valued random fields) and application to real and simulated cosmological data.
When 29 June 2017 09:20 AM to
30 June 2017 09:20 AM
Where Cardiff UK
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Currently, the following topics are planned as the main topics to be discussed at the workshop:

  • Isotropic random fields on the sphere and ball: spectral theory of scalar, vector and tensor-valued random fields
  • Big data analysis: application to real cosmological data from Planck and Euclid missions
  • The fractality and/or multifractality of Universe
  • Higher-frequency data analysis of big data from Planck and Euclid missions

    Preliminary list of invited speakers:

    • Prof. Ethan Anderes (University of California, Davis, USA)
    • Prof. Paolo Baldi (University of Rome “Tor Vergata”, Italy)
    • Dr Chiaki Hikage (IPMU, Japan)
    • Prof. Tom Kitching (Mullard Space Science Laboratory, UK)
    • Prof Anatoliy Malyarenko (Malardalen University, Sweden)
    • Dr Jason McEwen (UCL, UK)
    • Dr Daniela Saadeh (University of Nottingham, UK)
    • Prof. Jean-Luc Starck (CERN-Saclay, Paris, France)
    • Prof Georgy Terdik (University of Debrecen, Hungary)

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