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NASA Frontier Development Lab - Europe (FDL-Europe)

The Frontier Development Lab (FDL) is a 6-week workshop to apply AI technologies to space science to push the frontiers of research and develop new tools to help solve some of the biggest challenges that humanity faces. These range from the affects of climate change to predicting space weather, from improving disaster response, to identifying meteorites that could hold the key to the history of our universe. FDL is a public-private partnership with NASA in the USA (hosted by the SETI Institute) and ESA in Europe (since 2018). The FDL yearly cycle starts with challenge definition. Early in the year, we bring together some of the brightest and best minds we can find, from space science, AI and technology, and on/off-Earth applications to explore our challenge areas. FDL challenges must represent a clear and present scientific problem, for which there is available data, that could be significantly advanced by AI tools and techniques.
When 24 June 2019 03:05 PM to
16 August 2019 03:05 PM
Where Oxford UK
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Our provisional challenge areas for 2019 are:

Mission Control for Earth: Real-Time Data/Virtual Instruments
How might we utilise AI and Earth observation data to support improved decision making to protect the planet?

Climate Toolbox: Improved prediction for mitigation, adaptation and resilience.
How might AI improve climate models and enable better decision making for resilience planning?

Mission Support: New era of exploration enabled by autonomy and miniaturisation
How might AI be used to further optimise spacecraft operations?

Connecting the Planet: Optimising satcomms to extend access for all
Can AI optimise satellite communications to provide access for all?

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