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R Summer School (advanced methods)

The software environment R is not only one of the most important computing environments in statistics, but also in many other areas it became the standard computing tool. Nowadays, R is taught in various courses at universities, or it is used for statistical computations in practice. Often, however, people do not have knowledge about using R for more advanced tasks, like parallel computing, advanced graphics, reporting with R, etc. The goal of this summer school is to learn more about these features of R, that will be of great help for analyzing more complex data, as we find them nowadays in many fields. The school is organized by experts in chemometrics and environmental statistics.
When 25 September 2017 11:55 AM to
27 September 2017 11:55 AM
Where Vorau AT
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Course Contents: The focus of this course is on advanced R topics, such as:

  • ggplot2
  • spatial vis
  • RCPP
  • data.table
  • avoiding loops in functions
  • R packaging, incl. Roxygen and version control
  • reproducible research with knitr, pandoc, Rmarkdown, Latex
  • Visualization: ggplot2 and shiny
  • Neural nets (deep learning) with MXNet and TensorFlow
  • Webcrawling and API’s with xml2 and rvest
  • Tidyverse (dplyr, purrr, readr, %>%, etc.) with consistent API, functional programming and typing in R
  • High-performance computing and big data, with C++ and spark
  • Robust  and multivariate methods in R
  • Statistical methods for metabolomics

(Almost) Every session is accomplished with practical examples – please bring your laptop with you.

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