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Meetings Archive

61st ISI World Statistics Congress

Start Date: 16 July 2017  / End Date:  21 July 2017
Where: Marrakesh MA

The biennial WSC is the flagship conference of the International Statistical Institute (ISI) and its seven associations. It brings together eminent statisticians and members of the statistical community from the five continents to present, discuss, ...
Data Science, Statistics & Visualization: DSSV 2017

Start Date: 12 July 2017  / End Date:  14 July 2017
Where: Lisbon PT

The conference Data Science, Statistics & Visualisation (DSSV 2017) is the first event of a new conference series. The aim is to bring together researchers and practitioners interested in the interplay of computer science, statistics and visualisati ...
3rd Planetary Data Workshop

Start Date: 12 July 2017  / End Date:  15 July 2017
Where: Flagstaff AZ USA

This workshop will cover a wide variety of Solar System planetary data topics, including current mission data availability, online data access tools and capabilities, new data visualization tools and data user training, GIS methods and software, and ...
SciPy 2017: Scientific Computing with Python

Start Date: 10 July 2017  / End Date:  16 July 2017
Where: Austin TX USA

SciPy 2017, the 16th annual Scientific Computing with Python conference, brings together over 700 participants from industry, academia, and government to showcase their latest projects, learn from skilled users and developers, and collaborate on cod ...
useR! 2017

Start Date: 04 July 2017  / End Date:  07 July 2017
Where: Brussels BE

R is the premier public domain software environment for statistical computing. The annual useR! conference is the main meeting of the international R user and developer community. Lectures cover a broad spectrum of topics ranging from technical an ...
Isotropic Random Fields in Astrophysics

Start Date: 29 June 2017  / End Date:  30 June 2017
Where: Cardiff UK

The purpose of the workshop is to bring to Cardiff world-leading scientists working particularly in the spectral theory of isotropic random fields, astrophysics and data analysis of Planck and Euclid missions. The invited talks will cover spectral t ...
Astroinformatics: From Big Data to understanding the Universe at Large

Start Date: 29 June 2017  / End Date:  30 June 2017
Where: Prague CZ

This meeting is Symposium S14 within EWASS 2017, the European Week of Astronomy and Space Science. Through this symposium we hope to bring together many experts to better integrate astroinformatics and standardization in all fields of astronomy, i ...
Statistics and Data Science: New Challenges, New Generations

Start Date: 28 June 2017  / End Date:  30 June 2017
Where: Florence IT

The 2017 SIS (Italian Statistical Society) Conference aims to highlight the crucial role of the Statistics in Data Science. In this new domain of "meaning" extracted from the data, the increasing amount of produced and available data in databases, n ...
11th meeting on Bayesian Nonparametrics

Start Date: 26 June 2017  / End Date:  30 June 2017
Where: Paris FR

The Bayesian nonparametrics (BNP) conference is a bi-annual international meeting bringing together leading experts and talented young researchers working on applications and theory of nonparametric Bayesian statistics. It is an official section mee ...
NASA Frontier Development Lab 2017

Start Date: 26 June 2017  / End Date:  18 August 2017
Where: Moffett Field CA USA

FDL brings together teams of experts in the physical sciences and specialists in data science and machine learning for an intense 8-week concentrated study on topics important to NASA – and to humanity’s future. The 8-week format encourages rapi ...
39th Conference on Stochastic Processes and their Applications (SPA2017)

Start Date: 24 June 2017  / End Date:  28 July 2017
Where: Moscow RU

This is a long-standing conference series sponsored by the Bernoulli Society for Mathematical Statistics and Probability. Topics include: random matrices, disordered systems, Markov processes, branching processes, lattice models, fragmentation proc ...
LSST school & workshop: Getting ready for doing science with LSST data

Start Date: 12 June 2017  / End Date:  16 June 2017
Where: Lyon FR

The school is intended for advanced graduate students and post-docs interested in working with astronomical images, and in particular with the ones to be produced by the LSST. The workshop is expected to bring together experts from the LSST data man ...
3rd Planetary Data Workshop

Start Date: 12 June 2017  / End Date:  15 June 2017

The wealth of data now available for planetary research has created the need for new tools and capabilities for storing, delivering, and working with the data using cutting-edge methods. The goals of these workshops are to bring together planetary s ...
3rd PANDA Symposium on Time-Domain Astronomy: High-Energy Transients and Explosions

Start Date: 12 June 2017  / End Date:  16 June 2017
Where: Nanjing CN

The PANDA Symposia series are aiming at establishing and fostering collaborations among young postdoctoral fellows from the Pacific/Asiatic scientific community. Multi-wavelength Time Domain Astronomy (TDA), in particular, is the future of high-ene ...
1st Italian Astrostatistics School

Start Date: 12 June 2017  / End Date:  16 June 2017
Where: Milan IT

The primary goal of the school is to train astronomers to the use of modern statistical techniques, specifically parameter estimation and model selection. The INTENSIVE course is characterized by extended laboratory sessions (i.e. individual work at ...
Hack Day Together 2017

Event Date: 08 June 2017 08 June 2017
Where: Austin TX USA

Hack Together Day is a day to work intensively on collaborative projects of interest to the Astronomical community. A wide variety of projects will be undertaken, spanning everything from software development to creative outreach projects. Projects ...
Southern Cross 2017: Surveying the Cosmos, The Science From Massively Multiplexed Surveys

Start Date: 05 June 2017  / End Date:  09 June 2017
Where: Sydney AU

The Southern Cross Astrophysics Conferences, which are jointly supported by the Australian Astronomical Observatory (AAO) and the CSIRO Astronomy and Space Science (CASS), are held annually in Australia with the aim of attracting international exper ...
Summer School in Statistics for Astronomers XIII

Start Date: 05 June 2017  / End Date:  09 June 2017
Where: University Park PA USA

Penn State is continuing its annual Summer Schools in Statistics designed for graduate students and researchers in astronomy. The thirteenth summer school is an intensive week covering basic statistical inference, several fields of applied statisti ...
American Astronomical Society #230: Topics in Astrostatistics

Start Date: 04 June 2017  / End Date:  08 June 2017
Where: Austin TX USA

The 230th meeting of the American Astronomical Society has an astrostatistics session on Monday June 5. Topics are: Bayesian inference for instrument calibration, Deep Learning for astronomical data, and machine learning for time series analysis.
Workshop on Sparsity in Applied Mathematics and Statistics

Start Date: 01 June 2017  / End Date:  02 June 2017
Where: Brussels BE

In recent years the acquisition of big data sets on one hand and the increasing popularity of high-dimensional models on the other hand have intensified the interdisciplinary contacts between data sciences, machine learning, statistics, applied math ...