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IAA-COIN Residence Program 2016 - Budapest

The third edition of the COIN Residence Program took place in Budapest, Hungary in August/206.

An unstructured and intimate meeting,  offering opportunities for collaborative research, learning, and sharing of expertise with concrete scientific outcomes. The main goal of the CRPs is to benefit  young and experienced researchers in astronomy, statistics and computer science alike. Thus contributing to the establishment of Astrostatistics as a discipline on its own.  We also aim at creating a personal bound among our members, providing a completely informal environment where such intimate connections can grow. Thus, the program is held in a residence and participants share not only scientific discussions, but participate in logistic decisions during the program. See this link for more information about the meeting

On the supporting institutions

The International Astrostatistics Association (IAA) is the professional association for astrostatistics and astroinformatics.  Their support comes from a grant by Pennsylvania State University Department of Astronomy and Astrophysics through funds and webmaster services for maintaining the IAA website.

This year the CRP #3 happened in Budapest, Hungary thanks to the logistic and financial support of the Astrophysics Department of Eötvos Lórand University and the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. We particularly thank Zsolt Frei for encouraging the realization of this edition. 

All COIN projects were developed using the Overleaf latex collaborative platform. We thank John Hammersley and the Overleaf team for a fruitful collaboration.



PROJECTS developed  during the meeting (for a complete list of  COIN projects click here ).


On the realistic validation of photometric redshifts, or why Teddy will never be Happy

Project Leader:  Robert Beck (ELTE, Hungary)

 status:  MNRAS, in press  

 ads link:

 photometric redshift catalogs link:

Project Members: R. Beck; C.-A. LinE. E. O. IshidaF. GiesekeR. S. de SouzaM. V. Costa-DuarteM. W. HattabA. Krone-Martins



A probabilistic approach to emission-line galaxy classification


Project Leader:  Rafael S. de Souza (ELTE, Hungary and USP - Brazil)

 status:  to be submitted to MNRAS

 ads link:

 galaxy  catalog link:

GMM tutorial link:

Project Members: R. S. de SouzaM. L. L. DantasM. V. Costa-DuarteE. D. FeigelsonM. KilledarP.-Y. LablancheR. VilaltaA. Krone-MartinsR. BeckF. Gieseke