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Nov, 2014

COIN member Madhura Killedar wins
Accenture Best Presentation Award at BAYSM`14

At BAYSM 2014 – the second Bayesian Young Statisticians Meeting – in Vienna, Madhura presented a strategy to address the challenge of calculating likelihoods for cluster lensing cosmology when one is forced to use simulations instead of analytic equations to describe non-linear structure.

June, 2014


Led by   of the Korea Astronomy & Space Science Institute, the Working Group in Cosmostatistics is sponsoring various Project Groups, which are formed for the purpose of engaging in the development of software appropriate for cosmological analysis, as well as other more specific research tasks.

We currently have 40 members in 5 project groups. Project management is being hosted by the Astronomer’s Workbench , a function of the Max Planck Institutes in Germany. We welcome proposals for additional Project Groups, each of which will result in published results. The aim is to actually do serious research utilizing the resources of both astronomers and statisticians. I also welcome proposals for additional Working Groups.

May, 2014

The  IAA-Working Group of Cosmostatistics (WGC) inaugurated on April 2014 currently consisting of 30 members from 11 countries has already started 4 independent projects. 

The project management is being hosted by the Astronomer’s Workbench  developed by the Max Planck Institutes, which consist of a collaborative platform to allow scientific project groups to share data, results, texts and further project relevant resources throughout the whole scientific lifecycle. 

The currently approved WGC study projects are: 

1: Supervised learning with multiple survey information for supernova classification (lead by Émille Ishida), 

2: Exploration of highly-dimensional datasets (lead by Rafael S. de Souza), 

3: Logistic regression (lead by Ewan Cameron), and 

4: Development of astronomical oriented R packages (lead by Rafael S. de Souza). 

Furthermore members of the WGC will have an official administrative planning meeting supported by the IAU Symposium 306: Statistical Challenges in 21st Cosmology, to be held in Lisbon, Portugal, 25-30 May, where current and new projects will be discussed. 

The projects are still in their early stages of discussion, but each will result in published software or research results. We welcome new members, and new proposed projects, and invite you to join. If you are interested in participating, send an email to   with copy to Joseph Hilbe or