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2016-17 Postdoctoral Fellowships at SAMSI

Up to 6 postdoctoral fellowships are available at the Statistical and Applied
Mathematical Sciences Institute for either of the two SAMSI Research Programs
for 2016-17: Optimization (OPT) and Statistical, Mathematical and
Computational Methods in Astronomy (ASTRO). Appointments, for up to 2 years,
will begin in August 2016, and will offer competitive salaries, travel
stipend and health insurance.

Program on Optimization (OPT)

Optimization is an exceptional field where collaboration between Mathematics
and Statistics can produce truly groundbreaking advances. It is the mission
of this year-long SAMSI Research Program to capitalize on and advance this
synergy. The Program aims to guide the interaction between Mathematics and
Statistics, so as to produce benefits for each area individually, but also

* Optimization for large-scale statistical analysis(e.g. computation of
high-dimensional covariance functions)

* Statistical approaches for numerical solution of large-scale optimization
problems (e.g. Bayesian inference for parameter

estimation, inverse problems, UQ)

* Applications of optimization

Program on Statistics, Mathematics and Computational Methods in Astronomy

A vast range of statistical problems arise in modern astronomical and space
sciences research, particularly due to the flood of data produced by both
ground-based and space-based astronomical surveys at many wave-bands. A
resurgence of interest in statistical and applied mathematical methods has
emerged among astronomers and astrophysicists as they seek insights into the
physical phenomena underlying such complex data. Researchers often confront
problems for which the common approaches in astronomy either inadequately
utilize known methods or require the development of new methods. Although,
astronomy was responsible for many important statistical concepts and methods
in the past few centuries, in contrast with the biological and social
sciences, the statistical needs of physical scientists have been neglected
during past decades.

Application to SAMSI

In your cover letter, please indicate your interest in one of the two
programs (OPT or ASTRO).

Criteria for selection of SAMSI Postdoctoral Fellows include demonstrated
research ability in statistical and/or applied mathematical sciences,
computational skills along with good verbal and written communication
abilities, and finally, a strong interest in the SAMSI program areas. The
deadline for full consideration is December 31, 2015, although later
applications will be considered as resources permit.

SAMSI is an AA/equal opportunity employer All qualified applicants are
encouraged to apply, especially women and members of minority groups.
To apply, go to, SAMSIPD2016 Job #7448

Jamie Nunnelly
Communications Director
National Institute of Statistical Sciences (NISS) and
Statistical and Applied Mathematical Sciences Institute (SAMSI)
PO Box 14006
19 TW Alexander Drive, RTP, NC 27709
919-685-9319     @NISSSAMSI