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Astroinformatics schools and workshops

Following are links to slides, videos and tutorials from recent astroinformatics meetings and summer schools
  • Astroinformatics School ICRAR 2009-11 Slides on the SKA, basic and advanced Unix, Subversion for version control, Googls Sky, SQL, Python (including CGI, scipy, PyRAF), VO Tools, ASAP, S2PLOT, MPI, ADS Labs. The school was run by an Australian radio astronomy institute.
  • Astroinformatics School UC-HiPACC 2011-12 Slides and tutorials on multidimensional indexing, GPU programming, time domain analysis, galaxy survey simulation and analysis, Millenium simulation and other cosmological simulations, astronomical databases, high performance astrocomputing, Sloan Digital Sky Survey, visualization, supernova simulation, multidimensional hydrodynamics, radiative transfer, General Relativity.  The school is run by University of California research groups.
  • National Virtual Observatory Summer Schools 2004-08 Slides and tutorials on numerous topics includes VO technologies, IRAF, Python, TOPCAT, WESIX, SQL, XML, VOEvent, data mining, Google Sky, grid computing, PPT.  The school was run by the U.S. Virtual Observatory organization.
  • Astroinformatics 2010/2012 workshops Workshops with presentations on the Virtual Observatory, exascale computing, data sharing, efficient algorithms, collaborative & immersive visualization, citizen science, astrophysics literature, semantic data mining, GPU and other hardware trends, pattern discovery, WorldWide Telescope.  These gatherings are organized by Caltech's Center for Advanced Computing Research.