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Testing over/underdensities in point distributionsby Krzysztof Findeisen 2 by Krzysztof FindeisenJune 06. 2014
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Censoring in Bimodality Testsby Desjardins, Tyler 3 by Cameron, EwanFebruary 10. 2014
Hypothesis testing – data on a sphereby Appleby, Stephen 2 by Appleby, StephenDecember 09. 2013
Doubly Censored Data Regressionby Shivaei, Irene 3 by Shivaei, IreneDecember 04. 2013
Comparing a model distribution with Observations with detections and upper limitsby Gaspar, Andras 6 by Gaspar, AndrasAugust 21. 2013
regression analysis in the case of censored databy Cassano, Rossella 1 by Feigelson, EricApril 08. 2013
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estimating class tallies across a populationby Broos, Patrick 1 by Loredo, ThomasJanuary 04. 2013
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