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Astrostatistics and astroinformatics are young fields but targeted jobs are emerging rapidly. We list here relevant positions from the American Astronomical Society Job Register, and invite ASAIP members and employers to inform the Editors of other openings. Note that the job descriptions here are not complete; see the Web links for official information.
AsAi in the Public Eye
This a collection of items — TED talks, news articles, cross-disciplinary articles and discussions, even cartoons — where astrostatistics and astroinformatics has appeared in the non-technical literature.


Blogs and forums
Links to, and recent activity in, blogs and discussion forums across the Web. Some are specifically oriented towards astronomy, while others treat broader issues in statistics and informatics. These sites can be searched using the `Search ASAIP-reated sites’ box at the upper right of this page.
Kaggle-like competitions
A number of data analysis challenges and competitions have been announced in recent years to address difficult and important problems in statistical and computational astronomy. Most involve issues arising in cosmology. Older entries are obtained from the Cosmology meets Machine Learning Uninstitute.
Recent books
At present, this page presents an annotated list of books on statistical and computational methodology directly oriented towards astronomy. In the future, selected textbooks and monographs in more general methodology will be added.

Recent Papers

Astronomical datasets provided by educators to exercise statistical and computational methods
Web resources
A variety of Web sites and metasites relating to ASAIP. These sites can be searched using the `Search ASAIP-reated sites’ box at the upper right of this page.
On-line courses
A vast array of courses in statistics and computational methods are available online. Some have fixed schedules and charge tuition, others are flexible and free. We list a selection of these courses here. Listing does not imply any assurance or approval by ASAIP.
Research Group Links
Links to scholarly groups and individuals conducting research in astrostatistics and astroinformatics. The ASAIP Editors welcome new entries here: ASAIP members can click on the following link:
Software tutorials
On-line resources, particularly for R and Python, for statistical analysis and programming.
Statistics and science
This folder contains advice and resources on high-quality visualization of astronomical data. Please email the ASAIP Editors for additional entries.
Old jobs
The ASAIP Job listings from 2016-17 and previous years back to 2012-13
Videos in AsAi
A growing collection of videos are available with talks on statistical and computational methods for astronomy.
CRAN packages in R for astronomy