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.astronomy dot-astronomy brings together an international community of astronomy researchers, developers, educators and communicators to showcase web-based projects from outreach and education to research tools and data analysis, by Oxford University astrophysicist Robert Simpson

.py in the sky  Musings on Python, astronomy and Open Science by Thomas Robitaille, a strong advocate of the Python programming language for astronomy.

Another Astrostatistics Blog `The random musings of’ statistician and astronomer Ewan Cameron, this active blog presents discussions of Bayesian methods, Monte Carlo methods, Gaussian Processes, nonparametric regression, and other topics in advanced methodology.

AstroBabel A gathering place for the collective community intelligence about astronomical computing. Astrobabel is sponsored and supported by the US Virtual Astronomical Observatory

Astronomy Computing Today Includes scalable astronomy applications, cloud computing, software sustainability, and software project management, by astronomer and computer scientist Bruce Berriman

Astrophysics Source Code Library Free, on-line reference library for source codes of all sizes that are of interest to astrophysicists, curated by Alice Allen

Astrostat Slog A science weblog to convey statistics concepts to astronomers and a repository of editorial commentary dealing with bad Astrostatistics, by the Imperial/California/Harvard/Smithsonian AstroStatistics Collaboration (CHASC)

In the Dark A wide-ranging blog with occasional contributions on Bad Statistics by astrophysicist Peter Coles, University of Sussex.

Pythonic Perambulations Musings and ramblings through the world of python, by astronomer Jake Vanderplas