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AnalyticBridge Social network for analytic professionals, by Vincent Granville

Byte Mining Thoughts on data mining, machine learning, programming languages, open-source software and general nerdery, by ex-statistician computer scientist Ryan Rosario

Dataists Data science and machine learning, by bioinformaticians Vince Buffalo and Hilary Mason

Fernando Perez  Thoughts and notes on open scientific computing, with a focus on Python-based tools (IPython, numpy, scipy, matplotlib and friends), by Fernando Perez at UC Berkeley

Flowing data Stimulating blog and R-based tutorials exploring how designers, statisticians, and computer scientists are using data to understand ourselves better, mainly through data visualization, by Nathan Yau.

information aesthetics `Where form follows data’, explores the symbiotic relationship between creative design and the field of information visualization, by Belgian urban planner professor Andrew Vande Moere

international science grid this week An international weekly online publication that covers distributed computing (grids and clouds) and the research it enables.

Kaggle Competitions in the sport of data science, Kaggle is an arena where you can match your data science skills against a global cadre of experts in statistics, mathematics, and machine learning

Kernel Machines Methodology and software on Support Vector Machines, from Germany

Laboratory for Web Science Semantic Web and related informatics issues, by Marcel Blattner, University of Applied Sciences Switzerland

Machine Learning (Theory) Academic research in machine learning and learning theory by John Langford at Microsoft Research

MatLab Central Collection of blogs on MatLab, by MathWorks experts

Nuit Blanche Focuses on compressive sensing, advanced matrix factorization techniques, and other ideas needed to handle and make sense of very high dimensional Big Data, by Texas A&M space engineer Igor Carron

Pragmatic Programming Techniques Ideas for data mining and related areas with emphasis on R code, by data scientist Ricky Ho

Stack Overflow A large question and answer site for professional and enthusiast programmers.  Tags include R, Python, and thousands more.

Statistical Graphics and more Statistical graphics, data visualization, visual analytics, data analysis, data mining, user interfaces by German statistician Martin Theus

What’s the Big Data? A blog on Big Data with education and meeting listings, by senior consultant Gil Press.  He is also a columnist with Forbes Magazine.

ZevRoss Technical Tidbits From Spatial Analysis & Data Science, including notes on R and Python, from From  a company specializing in spatial and environmental data analysis, statistical analysis and data visualization.