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A growing collection of videos are available with talks on statistical and computational methods for astronomy.

Python in Astronomy A YouTube channel with ~20 talks from the first Python in Astronomy workshop held in April 2015, Leiden NL.

Docker and Radio Astronomy: Containing Fragile Scientific Software Gijs Molenaar, a scientific software engineer for LOFAR (LOw Frequency ARray) and SKA (Square Kilometre Array), describes Docker, a framework for containing a big pile of poorly written, fragile, and badly maintained legacy code.

Enthought on Python A large collection of videos on scientific computing with Python from SciPy conferences, including talks by Erik Tollerud Perry Greenfield and others on astronomical packages.

ESAC Data Analysis Workshops A YouTube channel of lectures on statistics and machine learning for astronomy from the European Space Agency center in Madrid ES.

ExoStats conference Talks from the Statistics and Exoplanets Focus Meeting at the 2015 International Astronomical Union General Assembly, Honolulu HI.

ANITA lectures A collection of talks on statistics and methodology for radio astronomy from the Australian National Institute for Theoretical Astrophysics, 2014–.

NYU Physics Stats Seminars Lectures from the 2013 Astro Statistics Seminar Series at New York University.  Popular topics include MCMC, likelihood-based inference, model selection and cross-validation, bootstrap methods, and dimensionality reduction.