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ASAIP Discussion Forums provide opportunities for astronomers, statisticians and computer scientists to discuss informally issues of mutual interest. Each Forum consists of threaded discussions organized by an expert moderator. ASAIP members can contribute to Forums.

General forums

Forum name Conversations Most recent comment
Ask an expert! This Forum is designed for students and researchers in astronomy who face challenges in data and science analysis to ask questions of experts in advanced methodology who are associated with ASAIP. To submit a question, first become a member of ASAIP (email Editor Feigelson at stating your affiliation), then login to the site and `Start a Conversation' under the `Ask an Expert!' tab. 17
by Gupta, Arkobrato
March 12. 2017
Astroinformatics Forum This a forum for conversations on issues in astroinformatics. The moderator of the Astroinformatics Forum is Kirk Borne (George Mason). 2
by Marinho, Eraldo Pereira
August 20. 2014
Astrostatistics Forum This a forum for discussion of astrostatistical methods and applications are welcome, including questions from all levels of statistical expertise. The moderator is Brandon Kelly (UC Santa Barbara). 22
by Brito de Freitas, Daniel
February 01. 2016
Bayesian Forum The moderator for discussion of Bayesian statistical methods for astronomy is Tom Loredo ( 5
by Ensslin, Torsten
September 11. 2013
IAA Working Group on Cosmostatistics A discussion forum on advanced statistical methodology for cosmology, hosted by Rafael de Souza, leader of the International Astrostatistics Association WGC. 2
by de Souza, Rafael
April 07. 2014
International Astronomical Union forum Discussions relating to the IAU Working Group on Astrostatistics & Astroinformatics, on IAU Commission Reform, and related issues 0 No conversations started
International Astrostatistics Association Forum The International Astrostatistics Association (IAA) is the professional association for the discipline of astrostatistics. It was founded in August 2012 from the ISI Astrostatistics Committee and ISI International Astrostatistics Network. ISI is the International Statistical Institute, the world statistics association with headquarters in The Netherlands. The IAA is led by Joseph Hilbe (, who will moderate this Forum. 4
by Jackson, Samaila
November 01. 2013
LSST Forum This is a forum for discussion of methodological issues arising in preparation for the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope. The moderator is Chad Schafer (Carnegie Mellon). 3
by Schafer, Chad
August 14. 2012
Software Forum This a forum for conversations on issues concerning software for statistical analysis in astronomy, such as R and Python. The forum moderator is Tristen Hayfield (MPIA Heidelberg). 9
by Feigelson, Eric
December 20. 2016
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