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We attempt to list all conferences, workshops, and sessions that specialize in astrostatistics and astroinformatics.  On more general methodology, we give a selection of many conferences in statistics and information sciences.  More extensive lists are available are provided by the Institute of Mathematical Statistics, International Statistical InstituteStatistics Conferences Worldwide, KD nuggets, and Wikipedia's list of computer science conferences.  A comprehensive list of astronomy and astrophysics meetings is provided by Canada's Astronomical Data Center.  

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Archive of past meetings

Gravitational Wave Open Data Workshop #2

Start Date: 08 April 2019  / End Date:  10 April 2019
Where: Paris FR

A new astronomy based on gravitational waves was born with the first advanced LIGO and advanced Virgo discoveries and will develop with the third observation run, O3, that will begin in 2019. Bulk data from past observation runs and data snippets ar ...
The Correlated Universe (CosKASI 2019)

Start Date: 22 April 2019  / End Date:  27 April 2019
Where: Seogwipo KR

The quest to construct a complete and consistent cosmological model relies on combining data from a number of different sources. Data from the cosmic microwave background, standard candles, sirens, and rulers, the cosmological large-scale structure, ...
Enabling Multi-Messenger Astrophysics in the Big Data Era Workshop

Start Date: 25 April 2019  / End Date:  26 April 2019
Where: Baltimore MD USA

Stellar deaths and their afterlives are laboratories that test fundamental physics through astrophysics. The advent of extremely wide-field surveys will revolutionize this field, and we will be able to probe new time and energy scales. The community ...
Physics Meets Machine Learning

Start Date: 25 April 2019  / End Date:  26 April 2019
Where: Redmond WA USA

The goal of Physics ∩ ML (read ‘Physics Meets ML’) is to bring together researchers from machine learning and physics to learn from each other and push research forward together. In this inaugural edition, we will especially highlight some ama ...
SIAM International Conference on Data Mining (SDM19)

Start Date: 02 May 2019  / End Date:  04 May 2019
Where: Calgary CA

SDM has established itself as a leading conference in the field of data mining and provides a venue for researchers who are addressing these problems to present their work in a peer-reviewed forum. SDM emphasizes principled methods with solid mathem ...
Symposium on Data Science and Statistics

Start Date: 29 May 2019  / End Date:  01 June 2019
Where: Bellevue WA USA

The American Statistical Association and Interface Foundation of North America invite you to join us at the second annual Symposium on Data Science and Statistics. SDSS provides a unique opportunity for data scientists, computer scientists, and stat ...
Physics in Machine Learning Workshop

Event Date: 29 May 2019 29 May 2019
Where: Berkeley CA USA

This workshop will focus on substantive connections between machine learning (including but not limited to deep learning) and physics (including astrophysics). Namely, we are interested in topics like imbuing physical laws into training (e.g., physi ...
Summer School in Statistics for Astronomers XV

Start Date: 03 June 2019  / End Date:  07 June 2019
Where: University Park PA USA

Penn State's Center for Astrostatistics is continuing its annual Summer Schools in Statistics for astronomers designed for graduate students and researchers in astronomy. Lectures and tutorials are presented by a team of experienced professors in st ...
Artificial Intelligence Methods in Cosmology Workshop (AICosmo2019)

Start Date: 09 June 2019  / End Date:  12 June 2019
Where: Ascona CH

Cosmological observations entered an era where the volumes of data collected by telescopes are immense. At the same time, incredible progress has recently been made in the fields of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning - sciences of creating ...
11th International Workshop on Bayesian Inference in Stochastic Processes (BISP11)

Start Date: 12 June 2019  / End Date:  14 June 2019
Where: Madrid ES

The workshop will provide an opportunity to review, discuss and explore directions of development of Bayesian Inference in Stochastic Processes. Theoretical and applied contributions are both welcome. A non-exhaustive list of topics includes Markov ...
Hyperspectral Sensing meets Machine Learning and Pattern Analysis (HyperMLPA)

Event Date: 14 June 2019 14 June 2019
Where: Enschede NL

HyperMLPA is an interdisciplinary workshop which aims at bringing together people of different communities and disciplines involved in hyperspectral sensing, machine learning, and pattern analysis. People are invited to contribute in sensor develop ...
NASA Frontier Development Lab (FDL 2019)

Start Date: 24 June 2019  / End Date:  16 August 2019

The Frontier Development Lab (FDL) is a 6-week workshop to apply AI technologies to space science to push the frontiers of research and develop new tools to help solve some of the biggest challenges that humanity faces. These range from the affects ...
NASA Frontier Development Lab - Europe (FDL-Europe)

Start Date: 24 June 2019  / End Date:  16 August 2019
Where: Oxford UK

The Frontier Development Lab (FDL) is a 6-week workshop to apply AI technologies to space science to push the frontiers of research and develop new tools to help solve some of the biggest challenges that humanity faces. These range from the affects ...
Astroinformatics 2019

Start Date: 24 June 2019  / End Date:  27 June 2019
Where: Pasadena CA USA

This is the tenth in the series of the annual Astroinformatics conferences. Their intent is to stimulate the development of this vibrant field, which is essential for the data-rich, computationally enabled astrophysics in the 21st century. Our goals ...
Understanding data: Visualisation, machine learning, and reproducibility

Event Date: 25 June 2019 25 June 2019
Where: Lyon, France

Data analysis and visualisation techniques, dealing with big data, machine learning techniques, spatial and nonspatial data visualisation, and best practices for reproducibility
Kavli Summer Program In Astrophysics 2019: Machine Learning in the era of large astronomical surveys (KSPA 2019)

Start Date: 08 July 2019  / End Date:  16 August 2019
Where: Santa Cruz CA USA

The past decade has ushered in the era of Big Data in astronomy -- multiple surveys that image large areas of the night sky, spectroscopic programs that compile millions of spectra each comprised of thousands of data-points, and large-scale numerica ...
Joint Statistical Meeting

Start Date: 27 July 2019  / End Date:  01 August 2019
Where: Denver CO USA

The annual meeting of several large North American scholarly societies, this conference has 6000+ attendees, dozens of short courses, and presentations on with ranging from statistical applications to methodology and theory to the expanding boundari ...
15th International Conference on Data Science (ICDATA'19)

Start Date: 29 July 2019  / End Date:  01 August 2019
Where: Las Vegas NV USA

Formerly the International Conference on Data Mining, this conference is part of CSCE'19 (2019 World Congress in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, and Applied Computing) with 1000-2000 expected participants. CSCE provides a unique platform fo ...
62nd World Statistics Congress - Astrostatistics session

Start Date: 18 August 2019  / End Date:  23 August 2019
Where: Kuala Lumpus ML

This is the large, biennial international conference of the International Statistical Institute & 7 associated societies (~2500 attendees, ~1300 papers). It includes an Invited Paper Session entitled "ASTROSTATISTICS: CHALLENGES IN TIME DOMAIN ASTRO ...
Hotwiring the Transient Universe VI

Start Date: 19 August 2019  / End Date:  22 August 2019

Hot-wiring the Transient Universe 6 will explore opportunities and challenges of massively parallel time domain surveys coupled with rapid coordinated multi-wavelength follow-up observations. The interdisciplinary agenda includes future and ongoing ...