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We attempt to list all conferences, workshops, and sessions that specialize in astrostatistics and astroinformatics.  On more general methodology, we give a selection of many conferences in statistics and information sciences.  More extensive lists are available are provided by the Institute of Mathematical Statistics, International Statistical InstituteStatistics Conferences Worldwide, KD nuggets, and Wikipedia's list of computer science conferences.  A comprehensive list of astronomy and astrophysics meetings is provided by Canada's Astronomical Data Center.  

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Archive of past meetings

XLDB 2018: 11th Extremely Large Databases Conference

Start Date: 30 April 2018  / End Date:  02 May 2018
Where: Stanford CA USA

XLDB events are uniquely targeted gatherings that discuss the real-world challenges, practical considerations, and nuts-and-bolts solutions in the realm of managing and analyzing extreme scale data sets. Attendees include Big Data users from industr ...
Python in Astronomy 2018

Start Date: 30 April 2018  / End Date:  04 May 2018
Where: New York NY USA

Organized by the Flatiron Institute's Center for Computational Astrophysics, this workshop focuses on sharing information about state-of-the art Python Astronomy packages, improving interoperability between astronomical Python packages, mentoring ...
Symposium on Data Science and Statistics

Start Date: 16 May 2018  / End Date:  19 May 2018
Where: Reston VA USA

2018 Symposium on Data Science and Statistics—the new annual symposium for data scientists, computer scientists, and statisticians who analyze and visualize complex data. SDSS is an exciting partnership between the American Statistical Associatio ...
Summer School on Computational Astrophysics

Start Date: 17 May 2018  / End Date:  25 May 2018
Where: Shanghai CN

The Tsung-Dao Lee Institute (TDLI) in Shanghai, China is organising a series of summer or winter schools in the field of nuclear astrophysics. The main goal of the 2018 School is to teach students how to write and use hydrodynamic codes based on fin ...
Astronomical Data Analysis IX (ADA IX)

Start Date: 20 May 2018  / End Date:  22 May 2018
Where: Valencia ES

Held regularly since 2001, the ADA conference series has been focused on algorithms and information extraction from astrophysics data sets. It became a strongly interdisciplinary forum where researchers from diverse fields such as Astronomy, Statist ...
Statistical Challenges in 21st Century Cosmology (COSMO21)

Start Date: 23 May 2018  / End Date:  25 May 2018
Where: Valencia ES

The dialogue between astronomers and statisticians during the last 20 years has been fruitful and has been the origin of a new discipline that is now widely called Astrostatistics. In addition to actual data challenges, the cosmological community is ...
Summer School in Statistics for Astronomers XIV & Summer School in Astroinformatics

Start Date: 29 May 2018  / End Date:  08 June 2018

Penn State's Center for Astrostatistics is supplementing its long-standing week-long Summer School in statistical methodology with a new Summer School in Astroinformatics. Registration is now open; participants can attend one or both of the program ...
Conference on non-stationarity

Event Date: 04 June 2018 04 June 2018
Where: Cergy-Pontoise FR

A crucial assumption underlying most time series methods is that of stationarity implying that the long-term behavior of the process is stable and enables deriving ergodic theorems. The aim of this conference is to bring together scientists to discu ...
SIAM Conference on Imaging Science

Start Date: 05 June 2018  / End Date:  08 June 2018
Where: Bologna IT

The SIAM Activity Group on Imaging Science (SIAG/IS) is organizing the biennial SIAM Conference on Imaging Science, one of the flagship events in imaging science and mathematical aspects of imaging. Reconstruction, enhancement, segmentation, analysi ...
Time-Domain Astronomy: a High Energy View

Start Date: 13 June 2018  / End Date:  15 June 2018
Where: Madrid ES

Most X-ray emitting objects show variability whose timescales can span many orders of magnitudes, from decades down to milliseconds depending on the source. Studying X-ray variability, we can probe the physics of a large numbe ...
Data Visualization and Exploration in the LSST Era

Start Date: 19 June 2018  / End Date:  21 June 2018
Where: Urbana IL USA

Astronomy is at a crossroads and active researchers in the field are facing a changing landscape of best practices driven by the emergence of Big Data. This three-day workshop, at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications, will help establ ...
International Society of Bayesian Analysis: ISBA 2018 World Meeting

Start Date: 24 June 2018  / End Date:  29 June 2018
Where: Edinburgh UK

Keynote speakers include: Nicholas Chopin, Montse Fuentes, Michael Jordan, Steven MacEachern, Philip Dawid, Alan Gelfand, Ed George, Tony O'Hagen, Judith Rousseau. Short courses include econometrics, approximate Bayesian computation (including astr ...
NASA Frontier Development Lab 2018

Start Date: 25 June 2018  / End Date:  17 August 2018
Where: Mountain View CA USA

FDL is an applied artificial intelligence research accelerator established to maximize new AI technologies and capacities emerging in academia and the private sector and apply them to challenges in the space sciences. It is an interdisciplinary res ...
BAYSM 2018: Bayesian Young Statisticians Meeting

Start Date: 02 July 2018  / End Date:  03 July 2018
Where: Warwick UK

BAYSM is dedicated to PhD students, MSc students, Post-Docs and Young Researchers working in the field of Bayesian statistics. BAYSM is an opportunity to connect with the Bayesian community at large, to exchange ideas, and to know people working in ...
2nd Information University conference

Start Date: 03 July 2018  / End Date:  06 July 2018
Where: Groningen NL

The key topic of the IU conference series is: “What is the role of information in the Universe and its description?”. In an epoch where scientists need to handle Big Data and simulations, find highly organized systems in nature and grapple with ...
DSSV 2018: Data Science, Statistics & Visualization

Start Date: 09 July 2018  / End Date:  11 July 2018
Where: Vienna AT

This meeting shall create a forum to discuss recent progress and emerging ideas in these different disciplines and encourage informal contacts and discussions among all the participants. The conference welcomes contributions to practical aspects of ...
Astro Hack Week 2018

Start Date: 06 August 2018  / End Date:  10 August 2018
Where: Lorentz Centre, Leiden, NL

Astro Hack Week is a mixture of data analysis summer school and unconference-enabled collaborative research. There are no formal prerequisites. Participants will learn the theoretical foundation of, and practical knowledge in, statistical and machin ...
La Serena School for Data Science 2018

Start Date: 20 August 2018  / End Date:  29 August 2018
Where: La Serena CL

The LA SERENA SCHOOL FOR DATA SCIENCE: Applied Tools for Data-driven Sciences is an intensive week of interdisciplinary lectures focused on applied tools for handling big astronomical data. Participants will be instructed in how astronomical data ar ...
Model Uncertainty: Mathematical and Statistical (MUMS)

Start Date: 20 August 2018  / End Date:  16 May 2019
Where: Research Triangle NC USA

This is a year-long cross-disciplinary research program starting August 2018 at the Statistical and Mathematical Sciences Institute (SAMSI) in Research Triangle NC USA. It is rarely the case that either a mathematical model or a statistical model o ...
ESAC Data Analysis and Statistics Workshop 2018

Start Date: 08 October 2018  / End Date:  11 October 2018
Where: European Space Astronomy Centre, Madrid, Spain

ESAC Data Analysis and Statistics Workshop 2018